White supremacy & far-right extremism concern me

White supremacy & far-right extremism concern me

Thank you for taking the first steps in addressing your concerns about a growing issue that confronts us all.

You most likely have many reasons why you have chosen to educate yourself and do something about this issue and you might find that:

  • You are here because you are concerned about an individual who you believe is falling under the influence of a far-right or white supremacist group.
  • You worry that exposure to far-right narratives could influence ‘at-risk’ individuals into adopting extremist beliefs or even result in violence.
  • You are a concerned parent, friend, teacher, healthcare professional, community or social worker, member of law enforcement or any other concerned member of the community
  • You have a genuine desire to promote and contribute towards peaceful and cohesive communities.

CAPE @ All Together Now

All Together Now’s ground-breaking Community Action for Preventing Extremism (CAPE) project, formerly known as Exit White Power, was established in 2012 to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of young people who are attracted to white nationalism and white supremacy. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and remains the only project of its kind in Australia.

Since 2012, we have actively built relationships with former white nationalists, created resources for frontline workers and engaged directly with people who hold extreme far-right views to challenge their understanding of the world and help them to engage their critical thinking skills.

In 2016 CAPE was awarded funding from Multicultural NSW. As part of Multicultural NSW’s COMPACT Program, CAPE focuses on increasing community awareness of the dangers of far-right extremism, and on establishing, training and supporting a volunteer youth network that will challenge white nationalist activity across the state.

For the CAPE NSW project, All Together Now is working with the following partners: Youth ActionMacquarie University, and the Challenging Racism Project at the Western Sydney University.

How we can help

Research shows that the adoption of extremist views is a gradual process, which is best responded to early. Involvement in far-right or white supremacist groups has resulted in harmful costs to the individuals such as:

  • breakdown of relationships with family and friends
  • loss of employment
  • involvement in criminal activity and gaining a criminal record
  • living a life dominated by anger, hatred and violence.

It can be very difficult for an individual to leave a far-right extremist or white supremacy group. People within the community who are in regular contact with the individual are ideally placed to notice changes in a person’s behaviour and to intervene early. The resources contained within this website are designed to empower community members to feel confident in responding to signs that an individual is adopting far-right extremist and white supremacist views.

About All Together Now

All Together Now aims to prevent racism by promoting racial equality through education. We are the only national charity dedicated to preventing all forms of racism in Australia.

We seek to achieve this by creating innovative, evidence-based and effective projects. We create genuine, long-term partnerships with education institutions, corporations, small and medium enterprises, government agencies and other organisations that want to make an impact on racism prevention in Australia.